Who’s Who in Gaylord Government

City Office: 732-4060
Mayor: John Jenkins
Council: Ward 1: Bill Wishart, 732-0746
Ward 2: Todd Sharrard, 732-7331
Ward 3: Jerry Campbell, 732-4311
At Large: Pam Duczkowski, 732-5679
At Large: Pat Mankowski, 732-4773
At Large: Steve Johnson, 732-7911
Chief of Police: Brett McVannel, 732-1777
City Assessor: Debbie Dunham, 732-4060
City Clerk: Becky Curtis, 732-4060
City Manager: Joseph P. Duff, 732-4060
City Treasurer: 732-4060
DPW Superintendent: William E. Tholl, 732-5475
DDA Director: Justin Burchett, 732-4060
WWTP Superintendent: Wayne Davis, 732-0750

The Gaylord City Council meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at 7:00 p.m.
The City Planning Commission holds a regular meeting on the first Wednesday of each month.
The City Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month as requests for variances are submitted. Notice for each meeting is published in advance.
The Gaylord Downtown Development Authority generally meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 am.
Public meetings are held in the City Council Chambers of Gaylord City Hall, 305 E. Main Street, Gaylord.

City Staff of Gaylord

City Clerk: Becky Curtis; 305 E. Main Street; 732-4060
City Treasurer: Travis Hewitt, 305 E. Main Street; 732-4060
City Manager: Joseph P. Duff; 305 E. Main Street; 732-4060
City Assessor: Debbie Dunham; 305 E. Main Street; 732-4060
Chief of Police: Brett A. McVannel; 305 E. Main Street; 732-1777
DDA Executive Director: Justin Burchett; 305 E. Main Street; dda@cityofgaylord.org; 732-4060
DPW Superintendent: William E. Tholl, III; 102 E. Seventh Street; 732-5475
Water Department, Chief Operator: Steve Ciszewski; 102 E. Seventh Street; 732-5475
Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent: Wayne Davis; 500 E. Seventh Street; 732-0750

Standing Committees and appointed the following Committees for 2014:
FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Johnson, Mankowski and Jenkins.
INDUSTRIAL PARK COMMITTEE: Johnson, Mankowski and Wishart.
STREET COMMITTEE: Campbell, Sharrard, Johnson, DPW Superintendent and City Manager.
PERSONNEL COMMITTEE: Sharrard, Jenkins, Duczkowski and City Manager.
PARK COMMITTEE: Campbell, Mankowski, Duczkowski and DPW Superintendent.
TREE COMMITTEE: Markham, Sharrard and DPW Superintendent.
INTERMUNICIPAL COMMITTEE: Johnson, Jenkins, Becky Curtis and City Manager.

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